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Translation of IPK campaign page letter

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FIRST LETTER (Before Race)

Dear Family/Friend/Colleague,


I am doing a charity run for [Koruncuk]!

I am not just complaining but also trying to change things, I am hoping my steps will cause others around me to take action, make them realize.

I will suport the [Runatolia-2017-Koruncuk-Koruncuk Heroes] project. On [March 4th 2017], I will run for Goodness, I will make my steps more meaningful. If you can support me in this, you will make me very happy.

[We are running for the new Koruncuk Village being currently built in Urla, Izmir, where 120 children who are in need of protection will live in. We are specifically running for the Youth House, in which 20 young Koruncuk’s will live.]

Donating is so easy. You may click the link of my page below to see how much donation I’ve got so far and also make a donation yourself if you wish.

If you would like to support me, please donate: [https://bagis.adimadim.org?ccid=CC18638]

If you wonder how my campaign is going:



SECOND LETTER (After Race & Thank You)

Dear Family/Friend/Colleague,

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who have supported my “Charity Run”.

With the motivational help of your donations and messages during my run, I ranked very well at this run. Whenever I struggled, I remembered why I was running.

At this goodness run, my goal was to reach as many people as possible, get them moving!

So far 109 people/company have joined my Charity Run and 16.994 TL has been donated. With these donations, we are supporting the [Antalya-2015-Koruncuk] project. As you might remember, my starting goal was to collect 15.000 TL from 100 people.

I have reached my goal, however every new donation gives hope to [these children] in need.

These are the last days of my campaign, those of you who might have forgotten or want to donate again, links are provided below.

You can donate with one click and check how my campaign is doing.

If you would like to support me, please donate:


If you wonder how my campaign is going:



[Gulsen Demiroz]